House on Pine Street (2016)


The cinematography is also a big one. Slow but deliberate movements maximize the tension, while creating an atmosphere that builds that tension. The framing of the actors in the scene draw you into the film’s world, making it seem like you’re right there to experience the happenings. I also love it when directors get right the “rollercoaster” of building that energy, releasing it, and then immediately hitting the audience again for a quick bump. It’s not something you want to go for all the time, but used sparingly, it’s very effective.
— Pat Torfe, Bloody Disgusting

Variety Film Review: ‘The House on Pine Street’

‘Rosemary’s Baby’ goes West in the Keeling brothers’ low-key but atmospheric haunted-house chiller. Modest but well-turned package is pro in all design and tech departments.     
— Dennis Harvey, Variety